NOTE:  Your all important Japan Rail Pass voucher along with your Ticket Manifest are in the Priority Mail envelope we sent you.  The Ticket Manifest shows the train tickets you will get with your Japan Rail Pass. Please have your Rail Pass voucher and Ticket Manifest at hand to present to the Japan Railways office at your arrival airport.




Tokyo:  Do-It-Yourself Touring - A selection for those on all tour segments. 

None are difficult.  1 is easiest and closest.  2 is easy, but a bit further away.  3 is most challenging, but doable for a novice with a bit of preparation given during our office hours.

Tokyo Dome City (1)

Akihabara - Electric Town, Cosplay (1)

Akihabara  Directions

Ochanomizu - Area walking tour (1)

Ochanomizu - Map One

Ochanomizu - Map Two

Ochanomizu - Blog walking guide

Ochanomizu - Blog map for walking guide

Ueno Park and Ameyoko Market Street (2)

Ueno Park / Ameyoko Directions

Asakusa - Temple, Souvenir shopping (3)

Asakusa Directions

Yasukuni Shrine and WW II Museum (2)

Yasukuni Directions and Map

SkyTree Tokyo View Tower (3)

SkyTree Directions

Imperial Palace Walk (2)

Imperial Palace Map

Imperial Palace Directions

Nagoya:  Around our Nagoya Station hotel

Sendai:  Visitor links of note