Japanese baseball is as much a reflection of that country’s culture as American baseball is for the United States.

There are many unique aspects of Japanese baseball that give it a distinct charm and character: 

Commentators citing the blood type of a player (with the belief that it impacts performance), colorful balloon releases during the seventh-inning stretch, umpires practicing calls during pre-game warm-ups.  These and countless other nuances make Japanese baseball a one-of-a-kind experience.

Japanese baseball is more than  a game; it is a reflection of the culture of an entire nation.  And, with baseball, it is a place where Japanese and American cultures come together.  


  • A guide to lead you through a detailed itinerary with an engaging combination of stadiums, teams, targeted sightseeing and outings, the result of which will give you a cost-effective and in-depth personal tour of the country like no other.

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Not included: Airfare, airport transfer and most meals.

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