Become a Tokyo Baseball Explorer

Stay in one hotel and see all the teams and stadiums in the Tokyo area, which includes nearby Yokohama, visiting the famous Tokyo Dome and Tokyo Dome City for both an afternoon and evening game. If you’re interested, check out a sumo tournament too!

At the conclusion of this tour, you can see games outside Tokyo by joining the Fly-Away Option.


$2,938 per person (double occupancy).

Single Room Supplement:  $274 additional charge for a single room for the tour, not per night.


Friday, September 13 – In Air

Guests depart US and Canada home cities and cross the International Date Line during flight to Tokyo, arriving on September 14 in Japan.

If departing from other than US or Canada, schedule to arrive in Tokyo by afternoon of September 14.

Saturday, September 14 – Arrive Tokyo

Guests arrive in Tokyo.

Hosted early evening gathering at the JapanBall Hall of Fame Cafe.

Sunday, September 15 – Tokyo

Game with Tokyo Yomiuri Giants hosting Tigers at Tokyo Dome in central Tokyo (2:00 PM).

Monday, September 16 – Tokyo

Game with Tokyo Yomiuri Giants hosting Tigers at Tokyo Dome in central Tokyo (2:00 PM).

Tuesday, September 17 – Tokyo

Baseball Off-Day.

Suggested sightseeing.

Wednesday, September 18 – Tokyo

Game with Yokohama BayStars hosting Carp at nearby Yokohama Municipal Stadium, south of Tokyo (6:00 PM).

Hosted after-game Don Robbs Invitational Party, a time-honored JapanBall tradition.

Thursday, September 19 – Tokyo

Sumo wrestling tournament outing (additional cost to attend; please notify us if interested).

Game with Chiba Lotte Marines hosting Eagles at Chiba Marine Stadium in eastern Tokyo (6:15 PM).

Friday, September 20 – Tokyo

Game with Seibu Lions hosting Eagles at Seibu Dome in western Tokyo (6:00 PM).

Saturday, September 21 – Tokyo

Game with Tokyo Yakult Swallows hosting Dragons at Jingu Stadium in central Tokyo (6:00 PM).

Sunday, September 22 – Depart or join Fly-Away Option

1. Guests depart for home from Tokyo. Those returning to US and Canada cross International Date Line, getting back the day lost coming to Japan, and arrive home same day.

 2. Or, guests join the Fly-Away Option.