The Ticket Prepayment Fee for our JapanBall Tour is used to purchase your tickets to games we believe will be sell-outs or for tickets from teams that won’t reserve seats without payment.

This Ticket Prepayment Fee is NOT an additional trip charge.  You will receive a credit for this payment against your trip invoice.

Should you not be able to make the trip we will endeavor to sell your tickets on our site and give you a full refund.  For the few times we have had to resell such tickets we have been 100% successful.

MAIN TOUR – Ticket Prepayment – Five Stadiums/Games – $400 per person

"Come Early" - MAIN TOUR + PRE-TOUR add-on – Ticket Prepayment – Eight Stadiums/Games – $600 per person

"Stay Later" - MAIN TOUR + POST-TOUR add-on – Ticket Prepayment – Nine Stadiums/Games – $700 per person

"See It All" - MAIN TOUR + PRE and POST-TOUR add-ons – Ticket Prepayment – Twelve Stadiums/Games – $900 per person

See ITINERARY PAGE for trip details, games, cities, dates and pricing.

If you'd prefer to send a check, let us know and we'll send you details.

Questions?  Please contact Cristina at 858-342-4271 or

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