Sapporo Post-Tour Add-on

Sapporo is known for meticulous service, courteous people, beautiful nature, delicious food, wide open city spaces with mountain views from all sides, vibrancy…and baseball.

On the Main Tour, we see the Nippon Ham Fighters at their alternate stadium, the Tokyo Dome. With this add-on option you see the Fighters at their main ballpark, the Sapporo Dome.


$1,030 per person (double occupancy) for this Sapporo Option add-on to the Post-Tour price.

Single Room Supplement: $103 additional charge for a single room for the tour, not per night.

AIR TRAVEL NOTE:  There is one in-country flight, from Sendai to Sapporo, that is not included in the price. This flight is available at a deep discount through our travel agent. We will assist you in obtaining this flight that we estimate to be $120.


Tuesday, September 24 – Sapporo

The Post-Tour ends this morning in Sendai.

Guests continuing on with this Sapporo Option will fly from Sendai to Sapporo this morning.

Scheduled sightseeing to be announced.

Wednesday, September 25 – Sapporo

Baseball Off-Day.

Scheduled sightseeing to be announced.

Thursday, September 26 – Sapporo

Game with Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters hosting Buffaloes at Sapporo Dome (6:00 PM).

Friday, September 27 – Depart for Home

Guests depart for home. Those returning to US and Canada cross International Date Line, getting back the day lost coming to Japan, and arrive home same day.

ANOTHER AIR TRAVEL NOTE:  This trip option ends in Sapporo. Guests will depart from Sapporo to home. International flights from Sapporo generally route through one of the two Tokyo airports.

You will want to compare your Japan flights. Is it cheaper to get the usual round-trip of “Home to Tokyo to Home” and get another one of the $120 airfares to get you to Tokyo for your flight home? Or is it cheaper to do a multi-city booking of “Home to Tokyo, Sapporo to Home?”

Our travel agent, Katsumi Mamiya at K-Man’s Travel Expert, gets the discounted in-country flights for all guests. We suggest you contact him to get an idea of the best flight arrangements for coming home from this Sapporo Option.

Katsumi is at (425) 373-5626 or with offices at 1370 116th Ave NE, Ste 201, Bellevue WA 98004.

Katsumi will give you the information you need. He will not try to sell you anything, but he is available to assist you and, for what it is worth, we use him for all our JapanBall accommodations and travel.