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Six JapanBall options in September.

The Main Tour ($3,408) is our JapanBall original and most popular tour. This year, you can choose to attend a sumo wrestling tournament as part of your tour package.

Many guests also join the Pre-Tour ($1,651) and/or Post-Tour ($2,024) to extend their Japan visit and see more sights, games, and cities.

Some combine these three tours to see all 12 Japan teams while traveling the length and breadth of Japan and, in so doing, become members of the JapanBall Hall of Fame.

Both the Pre-Tour and Post-Tour, each having three games, can be stand-alone tours. It is not required to be a Main Tour member in order to join either of these tours.

Our Sapporo Option after Post-Tour ($1,030) takes you to Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, and the island’s main city, Sapporo, with a game at the Nippon Ham Fighters.

We see the Fighters on the Main Tour at home in their alternate stadium, the Tokyo Dome. With this option you see them at their main ballpark.

The Tokyo Six-Gamer ($2,938), is our newest stand-alone tour. You stay in one hotel and see all the teams and stadiums in the Tokyo area, which includes Yokohama, visiting the famous Tokyo Dome and Tokyo Dome City for both an afternoon and evening game. You also can choose to watch a sumo tournament as part of your tour package.

Try our Fly-Away Option after Tokyo Six-Gamer ($1,778) for baseball travel outside of Tokyo, which includes a visit to our favorite ballpark and then on to our favorite city. You will move fast with the bullet train rail and air travel with this option.

Graph at page bottom shows all tours at a glance.

JapanBall Main Tour - $3,408

The JapanBall Original. The tour that started it all and going strong for nearly 20 years. This edition boasts an extra game and night in Japan, all for less than last year’s price with plenty of time remaining for sightseeing and activities. The extra game is the Nippon Ham Fighters playing at home in their former stadium, the Tokyo Dome.

Pre-Tour - $1,651

As a stand-alone trip this Pre-Tour is a wonderful three-game introduction to Japan and its baseball. Or couple this Pre-Tour with the Main Tour to see more baseball and cities. Some people use the Pre-Tour to get their feet on the ground before starting the Main Tour.

Post-Tour - $2,024

This Post-Tour is available as stand-alone tour or an add-on after the Main Tour. Visit and see games in Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sendai, with the option to visit Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, for a game in Sapporo City with the Nippon Ham Fighters.

Sapporo Option after Post-Tour - $1,030

Sapporo is known for meticulous service, courteous people, beautiful nature, delicious food, wide open city spaces with mountain views from all sides, vibrancy…and baseball. We find it to be our favorite Japanese baseball city.

Tokyo Six-Gamer - $2,938

Stay in one hotel and see all the teams and stadiums in the Tokyo area, which includes nearby Yokohama, visiting the famous Tokyo Dome and Tokyo Dome City for both an afternoon and evening game. At the conclusion of this tour, you can see games outside Tokyo on the Fly-Away Option.

Fly-Away Option after Tokyo Six-Gamer - $1,778

After Tokyo we board the Tohoku Shinkansen Super-Express bullet train and make our way to Northern Japan and our favorite ballpark: Sendai Miyagi Stadium. After a game in this delightful city, we fly to Sapporo for a game and plenty of time to enjoy this spacious locale surrounded by mountains.

Schedule of Tours September 6 to 27, 2019
Pre-Tour Main Tour Post-Tour Post-Tour Sapporo Option Tokyo Six Gamer Tokyo Six Gamer Fly-Away Option
Fri Sept 6 In Air
Sat Sept 7 Arrive Tokyo
Sun Sept 8 Swallows - Tokyo
Mon Sept 9 Off Day - Osaka
Tue Sept 10 Tigers - Osaka In Air
Wed Sept 11 Marines - Tokyo Arrive Tokyo
Thu Sept 12 Depart or join Main Tour Fighters - Tokyo
Fri Sept 13 Lions - Tokyo In Air
Sat Sept 14 Giants - Tokyo Arrive Tokyo
Sun Sept 15 Buffaloes - Osaka Giants - Tokyo
Mon Sept 16 Carp - Hiroshima Giants - Tokyo
Tue Sept 17 Off Day - Hiroshima In Air Off Day - Tokyo
Wed Sept 18 BayStars - Yokohama Arrive Tokyo BayStars - Yokohama
Thu Sept 19 Depart or join Post-Tour Dragons - Nagoya Marines - Tokyo
Fri Sept 20 Off Day - Fukuoka Lions - Tokyo
Sat Sept 21 Hawks - Fukuoka Swallows - Tokyo
Sun Sept 22 Off Day - Sendai Depart or join Fly-Away Option Off Day - Sendai
Mon Sept 23 Eagles - Sendai Eagles - Sendai
Tue Sept 24 Depart or join Sapporo Option Off Day - Sapporo Off Day - Sapporo
Wed Sept 25 Off Day - Sapporo Off Day - Sapporo
Thu Sept 26 Fighters - Sapporo Fighters - Sapporo
Fri Sept 27 In Air - Arrive Home In Air - Arrive Home